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Ohio Gathering is now gathering 181M cf/day under long term,glass oil burner pipe 92,glass bongs for sale 08, fee based agreements,glass water bongs 65, and SMLP,glass water bong 36, MWE and EMG expect to develop more than $3B of natural gas gathering and condensate stabilization infrastructure for its customers through the joint venture.MarkWest reroutes natural gas from damaged Pennsylvania facilityMarkWest Energy Partners (MWE 0.4%) says it is assessing the damage at a natural gas processing plant in Pennsylvania after an apparent lightning strike and is working with customers to reroute some of their gas to another location. The Houston,cheap glass bongs 68,glass gravity bong 35, Pa., complex consists of three processing plants totaling 355M cf/day of capacity and 98K bbl/day of ethane and other natural gas liquids.

As one gentleman said, “Charleston’s always been unique. Even our accent is different” meaning it’s a smooth homogenized sound that’s hard to place in the South.. They just don seem to care about North America as much as the rest of the bunch does. And I don really blame them. Edit: This got popular,glass pipes wholesale 72, so lets clarify some things. It probably doesn relate directly to modern Xmas trees,glass smoking pipes 16,glass rose pipe 62, though I haven looked up exactly what the verse was referencing. No,elephant glass pipe 60, but the state does in order for you to keep your license. You need 24 CEUs for the full biannual renewal of your license.

Place the strips on the jar and have children paint the decoupage glue over the strips of paper. The more paper they put on the jar,glass water pipe 56, the brighter the colors will be. Used to being in control, Griff starts to make unwelcome suggestions to the surley cupcake baker Sheila (Golden Globe nominee Donna Pescow) and takes a military approach to running the bakery. Soon the bakery is a war zone,unique glass pipes 54, and one final screw up almost sends the place up in smoke.. Participate in a year round church education program so Christmas festivities fit into a whole rather than something that happens without context. Concepts will take shape year after year as your child’s understanding matures.

We try hard to request things we actually need, but we get a lot of Sharper Image junk or random trinkets. Little do they know the worst Xmas for me consists of worrying about present disposal instead of just having good company, food,glass rose pipe 47, and cheer. 2. Cook your favorite holiday foods. No wonder poodle skirts are one of the most ubiquitous remnants of 1950s’ fashion today. They are one of the popular choices to wear to a Halloween party. They must refer to their object or word by saying it aloud at least twice. Audience members then try to guess which 3 objects and words were in the bag..

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With its 800 well crafted deluxe and supersaver suites,glass sherlock, families who are hesitant of spending too much would love it here. To top that,glass bowl,bong, the Occidental Grand slashes off 50% of its regular room rates from this month to March,cheap waterpipes, to accommodate everyone who has been meaning to travel and see for themselves the beauty and magnificence of the Dominican Republic. Room rates are at $79 per person, inclusive of meals,how to use a bubbler pipe, cocktails, and a few recreational activities such as horseback riding.

These two tree types are extremely different,cheap glass water bongs for sale, not only in local environment but also in appearance. There are hundreds and hundreds of different styles of palm trees; the same goes with silk palm trees. Of course, the most popular variety is the stereotypical palm tree (some even come with coconuts!).

You will find unique restaurants like Rodizio Grill downtown. This is a fantastic Brazilian style restaurant. It can be found at 1801 Wynkoop Street. Silver wedding bands will also get tarnished over time. In the long run,square glass pipe, you’ll probably be happier avoiding pure silver wedding bands and going for a more durable metal. On the other hand gold as a metal for making these jewelry items for your marriage is still the most perfect and ideal among all other metals.

If you are celebrate a birthday party or rejoicing your happiness of getting married or having a great time organizing corporate events in Melbourne for business promotion, then make sure that you include some kind of music entertainment so that your guests dont get bored: and who better than a Dj can understand your playlist needs. He is the master . To keep it simple,glass gravity bongs, consider getting an everett dj to play some music.

And, why not it is the countrys first and most successful Special Economic Zones. However,bubbler, along with this,unique bongs and pipes, the best part about the place is that it has successfully maintained its actual charm and aura. It is a perfect melting pot of different cultures and you will get to see an amazing blend of the Chinese and the Hong Kong culture.

Many bridal couples may wish to lower expenses by picking an amateur wedding photographer or asking their family or friends to help out with a camera. These unprofessional photographers do not have a good understanding of lighting,inexpensive bongs,pyrex glass water pipes, poses,custom glass bong, effects and impact which brings about excellent wedding photos. Some heartfelt moments in a wedding could never be repeated as the shedding of a tear on the parents or the intense look of love between the happy couple making their wedding vows as unprofessional wedding photographers are not prepared or alert to these moments..

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Meet The Newest Members of the Avalanche

on Tuesday,
cards against humanity packs, June 28th, at Altitude Authentics located in the Grand Atrium of Pepsi Center.

Gabriel Landeskog (2nd overall) and Duncan Siemens (11th overall) will be signing autographs and meeting with fans at the main retail store,
against humanity card game.

Merchandise items available for purchase for autographs include the Official 2011 NHL Draft Hat, Colorado Avalanche Autograph Hockey Stick, and Colorado Avalanche Autograph Pennant, along with many other great deals on team merchandise to get you ready for the upcoming season.

Discount coupons for Altitude Authentics will be available for any purchases made in the store that day.

Free Parking is available in Lot A. Enter through the far left doors on the west side of Pepsi Center,
which cards against humanity expansion is best.

Autographs are limited to one per person from each player. NHL, the NHL Shield,
black and white card game, the word mark and image of the Stanley Cup and NHL Conference logos are registered trademarks of the National Hockey League. and the National Hockey League.

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Peripheral blood stem cell collection in 24 low

Peripheral blood stem cell collection in 24 low weight infants: experience of a single centre

D Orbach1, S Hojjat Assari2, F Doz1, H Pacquement1, A Guillaume3, C Mathiot4, J M Zucker1 and J Michon1D de P Institut Curie,
cards against humanity packs, 26 rue d’Ulm, Paris 75005, France

Received 7 May 2002; Accepted 17 July 2002.

Top of pageAbstractPeripheral blood stem cells (PBSC) harvest may be difficult in young children. Extracorporeal separator line priming by red blood cells is usually required to improve haemodynamic tolerance and efficacy of collection. We present our experience with 24 children weighing less than 15 kg treated between January 1997 and September 1999, in whom we tried to avoid systematic blood priming. The median age and weight at the time of apheresis were 2.4 years and 12 kg, respectively. A total of 48 PBSC were performed. When haemoglobin was less than 12 g/dl, packed red cells were transfused before collection (40% of aphereses). Initial collection failed in three cases. Four children required an additional haematopoietic progenitor mobilization. This procedure allowed PBSC collection without transfusion in 37.5% of children, and was safe (two serious and five mild transient side effects) and effective (median CD34+ cells collected per child: 7.1106/kg (4.6 and CFU GM: 15.1105/kg (4.7 Despite their low weight, insertion of a femoral catheter was avoided in 43% of children.

Keywords: peripheral blood stem cell collection, infants, autologous transplantation, CD34, blood substitutes

In order to achieve total cure of solid tumours in children, treatment may require high dose chemotherapy (HDC), for example, in stage 4 neuroblastoma,1 refractory or recurrent lymphoma, retinoblastoma with extraocular involvement,2 high risk Ewing’s tumour and brain tumour.3,4 Dose limiting toxicity is commonly haematological. To overcome prolonged and life threatening neutropenia and thrombocytopenia following HDC, haematopoietic stem cells are transfused to reconstitute the child’s bone marrow. Following HDC, rescue with peripheral blood stem cells (PBSC) presents certain advantages over autologous bone marrow transplantation in children treated for solid tumours, particularly the rapidity of haematological recovery after myeloablative treatment. PBSC mobilization can be obtained by injection of granulocyte colony stimulating factor (G CSF) either alone, when the white cell count is stable, or following appropriate chemotherapy. This technique is now widely used.5,6,7,8

In children weighing less than 15 kg, PBSC harvest may be difficult, as the extracorporeal separator has a minimal circuit volume of 280 ml (ie >25% of the child’s blood volume BV). During the procedure, the child may also develop various other problems, such as metabolic disorders (hypocalcaemia, hypoglycaemia) and venous access may be difficult because of the small size of the vessels. PBSC can be nevertheless be successfully performed with caution6,9 even in small children.10,11,12 Red blood cell priming of the extracorporeal circuit (alone or with albumin) is frequently required in small children to improve haemodynamic tolerance and efficacy.6,11 We try to avoid systematic transfusion when possible because of the risks of infection (viral and other) and immunological problems related to multiple transfusions. The haemodynamic status during the initial collection phase may remain satisfactory when high molecular weight Hydroxyethyl Starch (Elohes or albumin alone are used as priming solutions.

We present our experience of 24 children weighing less than 15 kg treated in a single centre according to a procedure designed to avoid blood transfusion for priming,
cards against humanitu.

Top of pagePatients and methodsPatientsFrom January 1997 to September 1999, 74 children underwent PBSC in our paediatric department. Of these, 24 (32.4%) children weighed less than 15 kg. The median age at the time of apheresis was 2.4 years (range: 1 years), median weight was 12 kg (range: 9 kg). There were 11 boys and 13 girls and they presented the following tumours: neuroblastoma (17 cases), extraocular retinoblastoma (four cases), brain tumours (two cases) and non Hodgkin’s lymphoma (one case). All children had a single lumen superior vena cava central line for chemotherapy. Blood processed during apheresis was returned to the child either via a catheter in the femoral vein or a peripheral vein, depending on the state of the peripheral veins in each case. Femoral catheters (4.5 F Hemoclav, length 10 cm, Vygon France) were inserted under general anaesthesia.

Haematopoietic progenitor mobilizationAll PBSC collections were performed after initial conventional chemotherapy and in complete bone marrow remission when initially metastatic. infusion over 72 h) in four cases, (cyclophosphamide 1 g/m2 on days 1 etoposide 150 mg/m2 on days 1 in two cases, (carboplatin 160 mg/m2 on days 1 etoposide 100 mg/m2 on days 1 in one case, CAdO (cyclophosphamide 300 mg/m2 on days 1 doxorubicin 30 mg/m2 on days 4 and 5, oncovin 1.5 mg/m2 on days 1 and 5) in one case and (cyclophosphamide 4 g/m2) in one case. In these children, collections started during the haematological recovery phase, as soon as peripheral blood CD34+ cell counts exceeded 10106/l measured by FACS analysis, as described elsewhere.13 Depending on the high dose chemotherapy programme, PBSC collection was repeated, if necessary, on three consecutive days until at least 5106 CD34+/kg cells were obtained.

Priming of the separatorThe extracorporeal line was primed with high molecular weight hydroxyethyl starch (Elohes or 4% albumin, using a priming volume of about 100 ml. Blood priming was not systematically performed. Transfusion of leukocyte depleted phenotyped irradiated packed red blood cells was performed either before the first harvest, if haemoglobin was less than 12 g/dl,
card of humanity, or before the other harvests, if necessary, when haemoglobin fell below 12 g/dl.

Stem cell collectionPBSC were collected in the Paediatric Oncology Department using a continuous flow blood cell separator (COBE spectra Cobe Lakewood, CO, USA). The procedure was performed under manual control. The collection rate calculated by the machine was 1 ml/min. Autologous platelet rich plasma was automatically returned to the patient via the inlet line. The same operator (SHA) performed all aphereses. Adjustment of the interface was optimized and corrected under visual control.

BV was estimated at 80 ml/kg. Acid was used as anticoagulant. Patients received citrate : dextrose with an inlet anticoagulant ratio of 1/12 (during first passage of the processed blood equal to the value of the child’s BV) to 1/14 (during the second passage). To prevent hypocalcaemia, 10% calcium gluconate was given intravenously: 3 ml at the beginning and at the end of each volume equal to the BV. Fluid balance was 100%. Vital signs were monitored noninvasively at 15 min intervals during cell harvesting. No systematic calcium assay was performed. The children did not receive any systematic sedation, but was entertained by the presence of a parent in the room during collection.

Total cell count of the apheresis product was determined by an automatic cell counter and the differential cell count was determined manually. Two aphereses were performed on consecutive days in seven cases, three aphereses were performed in seven cases and four aphereses were performed in one case. Red blood cells were transfused before the first collection in eight patients to ensure a haemoglobin level greater than 12 g/dl, and before subsequent aphereses in nine patients (40% of all aphereses). Three children had two repeat aphereses and two children underwent three repeat aphereses without transfusion. However, blood line priming was performed in two children. One girl presented haemodynamic abnormalities with faintness during the initial harvest despite previous transfusion and the next apheresis was performed with blood priming. In another one, the third apheresis was performed with blood line priming because of blood loss following early thrombus formation in the collection line,
humanity card game, which required a complete change of the extracorporeal line. In summary, 9/24 children (37.5%) did not receive blood transfusion during the entire procedure.

Central linesInsertion of a femoral central venous line was necessary in 13 children (mean age: 1.8 year; mean weight: 11.6 kg). In the other 11 children (mean age: 3.1 years and mean weight: 12.5 kg), an additional peripheral venous line was used.

Complications related to apheresisMorbidity related to PBSC collections was low. Transiently catheter occlusion occurred in four cases and transient hypotension during the procedure required intravenous fluids in two cases. In three cases, the procedure failed because of haemodynamic abnormalities or severe vomiting. In these cases, cells were collected on the following days without any problem. One child developed symptomatic hypocalcaemia (tremor) corrected by calcium injection. No child experienced any collection related infection. A transient femoral arteriovenous fistula (AVF) was observed in one child after femoral catheter removal and resolved spontaneously over several weeks.

The technical characteristics are presented in

Table 1. The numbers of cells obtained by apheresis are indicated in Table 2. Comparison of the children who never received blood products during the procedure and the children who required blood transfusion (before or during the collection) did not reveal any difference in terms of the number of cells collected. Four children (17%) required two haematopoietic progenitor mobilizations because of insufficient CD34+ harvest on the first harvest in three cases and for a sequential HDC programme in one case. This can lead to various problems, such as metabolic or haemodynamic disorders. Venous access may also be difficult because of the small size of the vessels at this age. Nevertheless, PBSC can be successfully performed in small children. The tolerance of the extracorporeal circuit, even in very small children, can be good. With reference to initial haemoglobin values, fewer children will be transfused with this method, even when repeated collections are required, than if each apheresis is systematically primed with red blood cells. This can also reduce the number of donors. This procedure facilitates apheresis and presents several advantages: no need to prepare and wait for irradiated blood product, possibility of pretransfusion on the day before apheresis, lower risk of thrombus formation in the line when it contains high molecular weight solutions when preparation of the child is prolonged. There is also no risk of bacterial contamination or viral transmission. Finally, when blood is not used for priming, all of the blood still present in the line at the end of the procedure can be returned to the child, together with the child’s own platelets, thereby decreasing the risk of postapheresis peripheral thrombocytopenia.

The results of the two nonrandomized groups (with or without transfusion before collection according to the initial haemoglobin level) appear to be comparable (

Table 2). Nevertheless, four children required two progenitor mobilizations to collect the number of PBSC necessary for transplantation and blood priming had to be performed in two cases.

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Piggy French out of Games

Opposition Buzz is widely regarded as among the world’s top cross country exponents,
cards against humanities, which he underlined again at Barbury over the weekend with a brilliant clear three star round inside the time.

Wilson said: ‘It’s horrific and fabulous at the same time,
cards against humanity best. I just don’t know what to say.

Lucky break: Nicola Wilson will ride Opposition Buzz at the Olympic Games

‘I am devastated for Piggy and I wouldn’t wish this on anybody. She has become a very close friend, and I feel for her so much.

‘What an emotional rollercoaster. Obviously, I am so excited for Rosemary Search (the horse’s owner), myself and my support team, but so saddened at the same time for it to be at the expense of such a good friend.

‘To be thinking about London now, is amazing though having very much told myself it wouldn’t happen. We will definitely be ready.’

French, who revealed just two days ago that her Olympic dream had been five years in the making,
cards against humanity cards list, is now coming to terms with it being shattered.

‘I am devastated,’ she said.

‘My dreams are shattered, but most of all I feel so sorry for my support team that have been such a vital part of my success, and also for my family and joint owners, the Underwoods.

Broken dreams: Piggy French has seen her Olympic hopes dashed

‘I wish the team all the best for the Games,
cards against humanity packs, and I look forward to being back on the team in the future.’

British equestrian team leader Will Connell added: ‘Piggy will be completely devastated, and all of us feel so very sorry for her, her support team and her owners.

‘Piggy is a truly outstanding athlete, a wonderful team member and one of life’s good human beings. However, horses have a habit of giving great highs but also terrible lows.’

And British eventing performance manager Yogi Breisner said: ‘I feel extremely sorry for Piggy, and it is a real shame not to be able to have her on the team.

‘I am sure a rider of Piggy’s talent, and with the backing she has, she will be back on future teams.

‘It is great to have a reserve of the calibre of Nicola Wilson and Opposition Buzz to bring on to the team, and preparations will continue as planned.’

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Townhead Primary pupils win cash for their school

TOWNHEAD Primary School’s pupils have won 500 for their school, through their own excellent artistic creativity.

Scottish kids were asked to take part in housebuilder Redrow Homes’ “House of the Future” painting competition and Townhead were the first school to be recognised.

Abby Smith,
card game humanity, aged six,
cards against humanity sale, who has now moved to a different school, licked the competition with her garden full oflollipops, while five year old Mia Beckett captured the imagination with her softplay area, chute and ball pit in the bedroom.

For animal lover Jack Smith, aged five,
cards against humanity online game, it was all about the outdoors with his horse and lambs in the garden.

Diana Newton, sales director for Redrow Homes (Scotland), said: “We were amazed at the imagination and creativity shown by all of the children who took part.

“Clearly we have some budding architects and can look forward to some fascinating new homes from the next generation.”

Shona Williams, head teacher ofTownhead Primary School, said:”The competition afforded the childrenan opportunity to use their imaginationand be creative in designing a housefor the future.

“It followed on from a study into homes in the past through the topic ‘When Gran was a Girl.’ We are very proud of the children’s achievements,
cards against humanity price?.

“As a school we actively seek opportunities to work in conjunction withlocal businesses and we are delighted to have made this link with Redrow Homes.”

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Time Recipes for Home Made Wines Cordials and Liqueurs

The idea of compiling this little volume occurred to me while on a visit to some friends at their summer home in a quaint New England village. The little town had once been a thriving seaport, but now consisted of hardly more than a dozen old fashioned Colonial houses facing each other along one broad, well kept street. A few blind lanes led to less pretentious homes; and still farther back farmhouses dotted the landscape and broke the dead line of the horizon.

For peace, contentment, and quiet serenity of life, this little village might have been Arcadia; the surrounding country, the land of Beulah.

The ladies of the Great Houses, as the villagers called the few Colonial mansions, were invariably spinsters or widows of uncertain years, the last descendants of a long line of sea captains and prosperous mariners, to whom the heritage of these old homes, rich with their time honored furnishings and curios, served to keep warm the cockles of kindly hearts, which extended to the stranger that traditional hospitality which makes the whole world kin.

The social customs of this Adamless Eden were precise and formal. As with the dear ladies of Cranford, a call was a very serious affair, given and received with great gravity, and had its time limit set with strict punctuality. Cake and wine were invariably served as a preliminary warning toward early departure. Here came in my first acquaintance with many varieties of home made wines, over whose wealth of color and delicacy of flavor my eyes and palate longed to linger.

Vulgar curiosity made me bold to inquire the names of a few; imagine my astonishment when graciously told that the gay dandelion, the modest daisy, the blushing currant, had one and all contributed their nectar to the joy of the occasion. Flattered by my interest, my gentle hostess broke strict rules of etiquette and invited me to linger, showing me rare old gardens aglow with flowers, fruits, and vegetables that in due time would contribute to their store, and at parting various time worn recipes were urged upon me, with verbal instructions and injunctions upon the best methods of putting them to test.

From this beginning I ferreted out from other sources recipes for many curious concoctions, the very name of which fills the mind with fantasies and pictures of the long ago. Do we not feel poignant sympathy for the grief of the poor Widow of Malabar, whose flow of tears has descended in spirit, through three centuries, to those still faithful to her memory? Did we ever pause to consider what a slaughter of the innocents went to make famous many an old English tavern whose Sign of the Cock made the weary traveller pause and draw rein, and call loudly for the stirrup cup of this home brewed ale? Can we not feel the ponderous presence, and smell the strong tobacco from the pipes of groups of stolid Dutchmen,
cards against humainty, of the days of Wouter Van Twiller, when we read of that one time favorite beverage, Schiedam Schnapps? Again, are we not back in that dull, but delightful, society of the days of Colonel Newcome, when a quiet game of bezique was interrupted by the tidy servant who brought in the refreshing Orgeat and delicate seed cakes? Have not our own grandmothers boasted of the delicious flavor of old English Cowslip wine or Noyean Cordial?

I have confined myself exclusively to homemade beverages, gathering my fruits and flowers from old fashioned, homely gardens. I leave to your imagination the times, fashions, and customs they recall. The aroma that clings to them is subtle. Age has blended and mellowed all that was crude in those bygone days.

With a gentle hand I tie my little bunch together and present you my bouquet,
cards against humanity online version.

The best method of making these wines is to boil the ingredients, and ferment with yeast. Boiling makes the wine more soft and mellow. Some, however, mix the juice, or juice and fruit, with sugar and water unboiled, and leave the ingredients to ferment spontaneously. Your fruit should always be prime, and gathered dry, and picked clean from stalks, etc. The lees of wine are valuable for distillation, or making vinegar. When wine is put in the cask the fermentation will be renewed. Clear away the yeast as it rises, and fill up with wine, for which purpose a small quantity should be reserved. If brandy is to be added, it must be when the fermentation has nearly subsided, that is, when no more yeast is thrown up at the bung hole, and when the hissing noise is not very perceptible; then mix a quart of brandy with a pound of honey, pour into the cask, and paste stiff brown paper over the bung hole. Allow no hole for a vent peg, lest it should once be forgotten, and the whole cask of wine be spoiled. If the wine wants vent it will be sure to burst the paper; if not the paper will sufficiently exclude the air. Once a week or so it may be looked to; if the paper is burst, renew it, and continue to do so until it remains clear and dry.

A great difference of opinion prevails as to racking the wine, or suffering it to remain on the lees. Those who adopt the former plan do it at the end of six months; draw off the wine perfectly clear, and put it into a fresh cask,
cards humanity, in which it is to remain six months, and then be bottled. If this plan is adopted, it may be better, instead of putting the brandy and honey in the first cask, to put it in that in which the wine is to be racked; but on the whole, it is, perhaps, preferable to leave the wine a year in the first cask, and then bottle it at once.

All British wines improve in the cask more than in the bottle. Have very nice clear and dry bottles; do not fill them too high. Good soft corks, made supple by soaking in a little of the wine; press them in, but do not knock. Keep the bottles lying in sawdust. This plan will apply equally well to raspberries, cherries, mulberries, and all kinds of ripe summer fruits.


To every gallon of apple juice, immediately as it comes from the press, add two pounds of common loaf sugar; boil it as long as any scum rises, then strain it through a sieve, and let it cool. Add some good yeast, and stir it well. Let it work in the tub for two or three weeks, or till the head begins to flatten; then skim off the head, drain it clear off and tun it. When made a year, rack it off and fine it with isinglass; then add one half pint of the best rectified spirit of wine or a pint of French brandy to every eight gallons.

Take ten pounds of sugar, six quarts of water,
cards agianst humanity, boil it gently for two hours; skim it well and put it into a tub to cool. Take three quarters pound of the tops of balm, bruise them, and put them into a barrel with a little new yeast, and when the liquor is cold, pour it on the balm. Stir it well together, and let it stand twenty four hours, stirring it often. Then close it up and let it stand six weeks. Then rack it off and put a lump of sugar into every bottle. Cork it well, and it will be better the second year than the first.

The liquor of the birch tree is to be obtained in the month of March, when the sap begins to ascend. One foot from the ground bore a hole in each tree, large enough to admit a faucet, and set a vessel under; the liquor will run for two or three days without hurting the tree. Having obtained a sufficient quantity, stop the holes with pegs. To each gallon of the liquor add one quart of honey, or two and one half pounds of sugar. Boil together one hour, stirring it well. A few cloves may be added for flavor, or the rind of a lemon or two; and by all means one ounce of hops to four and one half gallons of wine.

Work it with yeast, tun, and refine with isinglass. Two months after making, it may be drawn off and bottled, and in two months more will be fit for use, but will improve by keeping.

1. Having procured berries that are fully ripe, put them into a tub or pan with a tap to it, and pour upon them as much boiling water as will just cover them. As soon as the heat will permit the hand to be put into the vessel, bruise them well till all the berries are broken. Then let them stand covered till the berries begin to rise toward the top, which they usually do in three or four days. Then draw off the clear liquor into another vessel, and add to every ten quarts of this liquor four pounds of sugar. Stir it well, and let it stand to work a week or ten days; then filter it through a flannel jelly bag into a cask. Take now four ounces of isinglass and lay it to steep for twelve hours in one pint of blackberry juice. The next morning boil it over a slow fire for one half hour with one quart or three pints more juice, and pour it into the cask. When cool, rouse it well, and leave it to settle for a few days, then rack it off into a clean cask, and bung it down.

2. The following is said to be an excellent recipe for the manufacture of a superior wine from blackberries: Measure your berries, and bruise them; to every gallon, add one quart of boiling water. Let the mixture stand twenty four hours, stirring occasionally; then strain off the liquor into a cask, to every gallon adding two pounds of sugar. Cork tight and let stand till the following October, and you will have wine ready for use, without any further straining or boiling, that will make lips smack, as they never smacked under similar influence before.

3. Gather when ripe, on a dry day. Put into a vessel, with the head out, and a tap fitted near the bottom; pour on them boiling water to cover them. Mash the berries with your hands, and let them stand covered till the pulp rises to the top and forms a crust, in three or four days. Then draw off the fluid into another vessel, and to every gallon add one pound of sugar. Mix well, and put into a cask, to work for a week or ten days, and throw off any remaining lees, keeping the cask well filled, particularly at the commencement. When the working has ceased, bung it down; after six to twelve months, it may be bottled.

To every five pounds of rhubarb, when sliced and bruised, put one gallon of cold spring water. Let it stand three days, stir ring two or three times every day; then press and strain it through a sieve, and to every gallon of liquor, put three and one half pounds of loaf sugar. Stir it well, and when melted, barrel it. When it has done working, bung it up close, first suspending a muslin bag with isinglass from the bung into the barrel. To eight gallons of liquor, put two ounces of isinglass. In six months bottle it and wire the bottles; let them stand up for the first month, then lay four or five down lengthways for a week, and if none burst, all may be laid down. Should a large quantity be made, it must remain longer in cask. It may be colored pink by putting in a quart of raspberry juice. It will keep for many years.

Champagne cider is made as follows: To five gallons of good cider put three pints of strained honey, or one and one eighth pounds of good white sugar. Stir well and set it aside for a week. Clarify the cider with one half gill of skimmed milk, or one teaspoonful of dissolved isinglass, and add one and one half pints of pure spirits. After two or three days bottle the clear cider, and it will become sparkling. In order to produce a slow fermentation, the casks containing the fermenting liquor must be bunged up tight. It is a great object to retain much of the carbonic gas in the cider, so as to develop itself after being bottled.

One hogshead good pale vinous cider, three gallons proof spirit (pale), fourteen pounds honey or sugar. Mix, and let them remain together in a temperate situation for one month; then add one quart orange flower water, and fine it down with one half gallon skimmed milk. This will be very pale; and a similar article, when bottled in champagne bottles, silvered and labelled, has been often sold to the ignorant for champagne. It opens very brisk, if managed properly.


Take to three gallons of water nine pounds of Lisbon sugar; boil the water and sugar one half hour, skim it clean. Then have one gallon of currants picked, but not bruised. Pour the liquor boiling hot over them, and when cold, work it with one half pint of balm two days; then pour it through a flannel or sieve; then put it into a barrel fit for it, with one half ounce of isinglass well bruised. When it has done working, stop it close for a month. Then bottle it, and in every bottle put a very small lump of double refined sugar. This is excellent wine, and has a beautiful color.

One lemon sliced, one tablespoon tartaric acid, one ounce of race ginger, one and one half pounds sugar, two and one half gallons of boiling water poured on the above. When blood warm, add one gill of distillery yeast, or two gills of home brewed. Let it stand in the sun through the day. When cold, in the evening, bottle, cork, and wire it. In two days it is ready for use.

Cheap and Agreeable Table Beer

Take four and one half gallons of water and boil one half, putting the other into a barrel; add the boiling water to the cold with one quart of molasses and a little yeast. Keep the bung hole open until fermentation ceases.

Pull off the stalks of the cherries, and mash them without breaking the stones; then press them hard through a hair bag, and to every gallon of liquor, put two pounds of sugar. The vessel must be full, and let it work as long as it makes a noise in the vessel; then stop it up close for a month or more, and when it is fine, draw it into dry bottles, and put a lump of sugar into every bottle. If it makes them fly, open them all for a moment, and then stop them up again. It will be fit to drink in a quarter of a year.

Fifteen pounds of cherries, two pounds of currants. Bruise them together. Mix with them two thirds of the kernels, and put the whole of the cherries, currants, and kernels into a barrel, with one quarter pound of sugar to every pint of juice. The barrel must be quite full. Cover the barrel with vine leaves, and sand above them, and let it stand until it has done working, which will be in about three weeks; then stop it with a bung, and in two months’ time it may be bottled.

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My Afternoon at OWS in Zuccotti Park

First I saw the speaker’s platform,
where can you get cards against humanity, where drummers were drumming to “keep our spirits up.” Then the famous “human microphone” came into use. It was developed by the OWS folks because amplification is not allowed in the park. The ritual of the had a dramatic quality I found fascinating. A speaker who wished to speak began by saying “Mic Check!” The crowd responded en mass, “Mic Check!” This was repeated three or four times. Then the speaker would say a short phrase,
cards against humanity for sale, and the crowd,
cards against humanity card ideas, in unison, would repeat the phrase. It felt almost religious in its call response.

I walked around the park, listening to snips of conversations until I decided to walk into the park.

Despite media speculation of theft and disorganization, what I saw were serious minded people working together to build a small city. Above, “rules” for the park,
blank cards against humanity?, decided by consensus by the General Assembly.

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Importance of Vacations

These days if someone raised the importance of vacations, he’d get a sigh or a shrug because with the economic downturn and the roller coaster state of our wallets, it seems hardly appropriate to talk about vacations. But major expense or not, vacations are important

The 1 reason is health. For those who are cynical, most health magazines and journals report that research has proven repeatedly that vacations are good for our physical and mental health. We’ll be more specific:

Stress we’ve tried breathing techniques, meditation and visualization techniques to ward off stress perfect ways to de stress but it might do us a world of good if we got away at least once a year. We’re not advocating a global tour. There are benefits to just leaving home and going to a place where nothing reminds you of the conundrum of life. Sure, home is where the heart is, but once a year, we’ve got to take good care of that heart. By breaking with routine, meeting people, doing different activities, and letting our eyes feast on new surroundings, we put stress on the backburner even for just a week or two. When we come back from vacation, we can face stress again,
game cards against humanity, this time with renewed vigor.

Fact: stress is directly related to heart disease. A Newsweek feature story entitled The New Sciences of Mind and Body as reviewed by Teresa Goldin in 2004 said that “There is evidence that stress is correlated with heart disease (among many medical problems) and that reduced or managed stress can boost one’s immune system and help control diabetes. According to Newsweek, experts claim that 60 90 percent of doctor visits are stress related.”

New behaviour engaging in new behavior is like wearing a new dress. When we go on vacation, we stimulate our five senses and do things that are not part of our tired and boring routine. If we choose a vacation where physical activity is encouraged (like the Club Med vacation packages that are popular), we use muscles and reflexes that otherwise we would not use. We knew an individual who was a workaholic. She loved her work and argued that her work was sheer pleasure, whereas the idea of going on vacation would be hard work for her. At the insistence of her family, she reluctantly joined a backpacking tour and when she came back two weeks later, she was a changed person. She said that she didn’t think mountains had anything to offer except rocks and vegetation, but she enjoyed every minute of those mountain walks and the panoramic views that put color back into her cheeks and back into her life. She signed up for next year’s tour.

Solitude it may sound contradictory but solitude can restore our faith in humanity. If the kind of work you do is people related where you spend eight to ten hours a day talking to people on the phone, pitching to clients, traipsing from one meeting to another, you need to have solo time. The constant interaction with people could burn you out because you don’t have much time to think inwards. Taking a vacation in a remote island where you can enjoy your own company can make you reflect about how fortunate you are to be in the company of friends and strangers day in and day out but you need to get away from them to appreciate that!

Compensation for hard work enjoying the rewards of our hard work is indispensable. Our work defines us, but we need to define and distinguish what is work and what is play. You know the adage, all work and no play makes a man dull. Let the money you’ve earned work for you this time. Splurge and pamper yourself. Knowing that you have the financial resources to take time off is a good feeling; thousands of people would give anything to have that feeling.

Broadened horizons even the cheapest and least exotic vacations can enlighten our minds and open our souls. There is always something to be learned, to wonder about and to admire. By visiting places we’ve never been to before, our mind absorbs new knowledge. The ability to share that knowledge with friends and family makes us more interesting, more connected.

Renewal of ties and bonds our hectic lives make us forget the need to renew ties with family and friends. By taking a step back from our daily grind, we remind ourselves that there are other people in our orbit who deserve and need our attention. By visiting family at least once a year, we realize that there are people we can turn to should a family crisis occur. Also,
cards aganist humanity, by taking our children on vacation, we genuinely communicate with them and address their concerns one on one. At home, we get distracted by the flat tire, the broken water heater, the unpaid bills and the PTA meetings.

Importance of Vacations: Going on a Shoestring Budget

If you can’t afford a global tour or a Caribbean cruise where you can put on some flip flops, it’s not the end of the world. It’s not an excuse either to postpone your vacation.

There are inexpensive ways to take that much needed breather. Our suggestions

Farm visits a wonderful thing about the North American continent is that you can take the car for a spin and in about an hour you’re in a rustic village or a vast expanse of land. You can take the family on a vegetable or animal farm and live the agricultural life for a week or two. This will give you a chance not only to break from city routine, but also improve your diet as you’ll be eating fresh produce straight from mother earth.

Back roads and B no matter what state or province you live in, you have next door neighbours that you can reach by taking old and forgotten back roads. You might stumble on a quaint bed and breakfast that your family will enjoy. Sit down, take a map, and jot down four or five places you can visit. Then plan a journey from east to west or vice versa; or from north to south and then see if you can find some B on that stretch. The beauty of this is that you could discover charming villages and old taverns that serve a good homemade soup with sizzling steaks. For example, if you live in Vermont, you could go to Quebec, New York or New Hampshire. If you live in Fredericton in New Brunswick, you can snake your way down Lunenburg,
cards of humanity, Nova Scotia,
cards against humanity all expansions, or snake up to Edmunston (NB) or go sideways either to Maine or Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

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Prison officer recruitment drive From The Argus,
card for humanity

The Government is expecting to recruit up to 100 reserve prison officers to work in jails across England and Wales,
cards for humanity, sources said.

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling announced plans for a “reserve capability” earlier this month after admitting some prisons were experiencing staff shortages, partly blaming the shortfall on an increase in the number of other jobs available.

They will be paid a pro rata salary based on the number of hours specified in their contract and will be subject to the same terms and conditions that generally apply to other staff occupying these roles, the source said.

The BBC said the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has sent a letter to about 100 ex prison officers to gauge interest in the “HM Prison Service Reserve” initiative.

One prison officer who received the letter told the BBC: “The reason for this ‘reserve force’ being considered is the critical shortage of prison officers in prisons up and down the country.”

Earlier this month, Mr Grayling denied there was an “overcrowding crisis” in prisons as he responded to an urgent question from shadow justice secretary Sadiq Khan.

Mr Khan had warned that jails have “unsafe warehouses” where prisoners are not working or going on courses due to staff shortages.

Addressing the Commons earlier this month,
cards against humanity online game, Mr Grayling said: “I am taking steps to address what I believe is a weakness in our prison system: the fact that we have no access to the kind of temporary or agency staff routinely found in our health and education systems.

“I am establishing a reserve capability among former staff to give us the flexibility to adapt to short term changes of population by bringing reserve capacity into operation.

“We currently have some staff shortages in London, particularly because of the rapid improvement in the labour market,
cards against humanity game online, and this step will help us to cover any gaps.”

Juliet Lyon, director of the Prison Reform Trust, said: “Not content with dismantling a functioning probation service, it seems that the Justice Secretary is prepared to allow our prisons to be staffed by a rag tag army of short term reservists. This risks trashing rather than transforming rehabilitation.”

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Nissan 8 seater MPV

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Top climate change sceptic does U

Bjorn Lomborg previously accused scientists,
playing cards against humanity, campaigners and the media of exaggerating the rate of global warming and argued that resources should be spent on more immediate crises such as fighting malaria and Aids.

The Dane said a lot of money is being spent on climate change with very little being achieved.

But in a new book to be published next month he calls for a $US100 billion fund to tackle the problem and admits climate change is “undoubtedly one of the chief concerns facing the world today”, The Guardian newspaper reported.

Mr Lomborg and his fellow economists recommend pumping money into researching and developing clean energy sources such as wind and wave, solar and nuclear power and more work on climate engineering ideas such as cloud whitening which reflects the sun’s heat back into the outer atmosphere.

“The point I’ve always been making is it’s not the end of the world. That’s why we should be measuring up to what everybody else says, which is we should be spending money well,
cards against humanity in store?,” said Mr Lomborg, denying he was performing a U turn.

“If the world is going to spend hundreds of millions, where could you get the most bang for your buck?”

Mr Lomborg added that his approach is about examining not just the dominant international policies to cut carbon emissions but also to look at other “solutions” such as investment in technology,
humanity card game, climate investment and planting more trees. It explains that if you do not provide us with information we have requested from you,
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